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Skydives and wild flowers

This has been an amazing fortnight!

On Saturday 5th June, Julie and I spent a beautiful sunny afternoon at the Old Sarum airfield, where Zhane Hartley, a student at Southlands School, Boldre, was doing a skydive to raise funds for hArt!

Zhane was so cool – and really loved the whole occasion, and has raised a fantastic amount of money, with some still coming in. We will put the final total on the website in due course.

Since then, I have been enjoying the sunnier weather, and the fact that we seem able at last to put away the winter woollies and get into summer clothes.

I have been having very early morning walks with the dogs, and been amazed by the speed with which roses, honeysuckle, foxgloves have appeared in the last week, not to mention the fungi which suddenly popped up on a woodland path! My photos show the glorious colours and shapes against blue skies and rich greens, and I hope you enjoy them.

Each day brings something new – and I am so grateful to be able to go out and enjoy this daily exhibition of the best that Nature has to offer.

Keeping a photographic record of walks is fascinating too – and I journal sounds I hear – skylark, cuckoo, pheasant, blackbird, all shouting their heads off at the moment. I have been seeing butterflies and bees, always a welcome sight. I spotted a couple of roe deer this morning, too, who skittered away as I approached, and were beautiful to watch as they ran.

Enjoy the day – especially when the sun is shining. Walking at this time of year is such a delight.

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