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So much going on!...

Well, a bit of a gap in my blogging activities, but only because it has been a very busy time!

hArt is getting ready for new projects starting in September, and getting organised for these in between much-needed holidays for the small but dedicated hArt team!

Martin is off next week, and Julie is away this week, and I am taking days here when possible before I head to Cornwall for a week in mid-September. How wonderful it feels to be in a situation at last where such trips are possible again.

We have also been making contacts with new people working with the referral agencies locally – GPs, care navigators, link workers and social prescribers especially, who will be able to refer people to our new Arts on Prescription programmes in three locations. These will offer 12 week programmes to a closed group of 8 participants, and be followed by the option to attend our regular Creative Wellbeing groups in similar locations.

We are also looking forward to working with a new group to offer an outdoor project for adults, starting this Autumn.

We are also feeling very much at home now at Coda Music Centre, having moved just before Christmas but being then unable to get used to our new office there until June, which was disappointing. However, we are loving being in such a vibrant creative space, and seeing and hearing the day to day activities there is a real pleasure after so many months of working from home!

Please don’t forget to sign up for our newsletters here – these newsletters will be appearing again more frequently as we start more activities ourselves, but do also look out for our hArt Creative Community Facebook page here, and see the link to our latest YouTube video and podcast on our new YouTube channel, here.

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