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"Ch, ch, changes"

Apologies for the lack of a blog for a few weeks! It has been such a wonderfully busy time, with some changes being made within hArt, and new projects finally starting after many months of planning.

It is so great to be seeing people face to face again, and although we have some challenges still to face, it begins to feel as if there is some optimism returning to day to day life.

As far as hArt is concerned, I am taking a bit of a step away from the roles I have been in since hArt was set up in 2014. Kevin Mann is the new Chair of Trustees, having been first a regular volunteer with us, and becoming a Trustee a couple of years ago. His skills will help hArt to grow and there are some exciting new changes to our outputs ahead.

Phil Hallett, CEO of Coda Music Trust, where hArt now has its office, becomes Chief Executive of hArt on a part time basis, which allows me to step back from the daily tasks, and his overview will support Martin and Julie in the office, as well as looking at the future planning for the charity as it grows.

We also welcome a new Trustee, Yvonne Campbell, who has a huge amount of fundraising experience, and who is currently with the Rainbow Centre in Fareham, but who will be offering support to the fundraising efforts of hArt as a mentor and guide to Julie and me.

My role will be that of more of a sort of ambassador for art therapy generally, and hArt and Coda in particular as we build the working partnership we are developing at this time.

All of which does feel both energising and exciting and there are many plans now on the drawing board.

On a personal level, I have just come back from the most beautiful week in Cornwall (See title picture and image below), having been fortunate enough to have the glorious sunny weather of late September to make the break all the more enjoyable. I stayed in a hotel in Falmouth with one of my sisters, and we were able to relax, walk, enjoy the town and do a bit of exercise on the coast path, as well as having some memorable meals out, and quality time together.

Old Harry Ferry

Having a whole week away – for me, the first opportunity to have a week off in three years – was a true luxury, and I have returned feeling much more rested than I could possibly have imagined! Even the difficulties of the fuel shortages and unfortunately people being off sick, have not been able to undo the sense of blissful relaxation just yet!

I hope to be back with the blog more regularly again now – watch this space!

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