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Rediscover childhood joy

I am writing this from a pretty self-catering cottage in Wiltshire, where I have come for a blissful 4 night break – such a wonderful treat after the past year! My lovely Labrador has a badly strained shoulder and needs rest, so she and I have left two other boisterous dogs at home with Mike, and brought ourselves away to a place with a large garden where we can wander gently and quietly.

The rain and wind started about two minutes before we arrived here on Monday afternoon, and it was certainly a very stormy night, but by Tuesday, the wind was starting to drop, and the showers, although heavy at times, were interspersed with bright sunshine – typical Spring weather!

The land around here is less flat that in our New Forest area, so it makes a change to see rolling fields, bright green as new grass and crops come through, hedgerows and trees coming into leaf.

There is a freshness and a sense of Nature renewing – from nesting birds to lambs in fields. The views from my cottage are, I think, too nice to keep to myself, so I hope you enjoy these images?

I am taking time out to read a good book, enjoy some sketching, and to keep my work email inbox closed! I will be home by the weekend, and back at work on Monday, but I hope I will be taking more time now to ensure that the things that matter to me, and which keep me feeling well and connected, are built in to my weeks more regularly and not pushed aside in favour of work-related matters. It is about balance, and for so many people, that has been difficult to achieve of late.

So, this week, I suggest that we all look at what gave you joy and fun when you were a child! What made you eager to get up in the mornings, to engage with life? For some, it is sport, the physical urge to push the body to achieve faster speeds, to run or cycle, play football, tennis, or to go for a hike. For others, it is all about creativity, whether that be painting, writing a poem, making a quilt or a piece of pottery, baking cakes or decorating your home. Singing, dancing, letting your body and your mind go – these are things we tend to forget or ignore as adults, and I am certain that rediscovering those childhood passions can make adults happier, healthier and more connected. So that‘s what I am planning for the weeks ahead – I’ll let you know how it goes!

In the meantime, stay well.


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