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hArt is on the move...forward

Things are moving!

We have had a taste of some lovely weather in the last week or so, and it comes as a shock to be back to rain and a chilly wind today – but there is a sense of Spring ahead, and I have noticed people being more positive generally.

Schools are back – which must be a huge relief to some parents, exhausted by home schooling, and often juggling working from home themselves. Children of all ages may be anxious but I think there is an overall feeling that this is what we need now – a new sense of purpose, routine that has been sadly difficult to maintain.

In the Forest, I have noticed gorse in bloom, and there are the first signs of green buds on trees, and there is hawthorn blossoming in a few places – which is always good to see.

In the spirit of looking forward, hArt will shortly be launching some new podcasts, with Jackie Goddard hosting two people for each online chat, with the focus very much on what it means to be living in and near the New Forest, what it means for our wellbeing, and how we enjoy the spaces around us. Our first guests have a real passion for the place – so look out for “hArt and Soul Wellbeing” which we hope to offer every three weeks to begin with.

All of us at hArt are looking ahead to taking up our new office space as soon as possible. hArt moved just before Christmas, with the intention of starting the New Year in a fresh place, but of course, lockdown came along again, and we have not been there at all yet. We will be even more delighted, however, to make that start before too long.

We are also looking forward to developing new projects with Coda, in whose premises we are now situated. There is a real energy around our two organisations and we can build on that to create new opportunities for people so watch this space!

Meantime, with Easter now not so far away, please send in your Spring pictures and photos. hArt’s Creative Community Facebook page loves to have your input, and we are always so delighted by the sheer creativity of our wonderful friends and followers.

If you are feeling even more like posting your work, there is the Sky Arts Great British Art

Exhibition, which is encouraging people to post their work in their windows! There are several themes for different weeks, but do have a look.

Those of you who are following Grayson’s Art Club will no doubt have seen the beautiful work of 18 year old Becky Tyler who lives with cerebral palsy and who is non verbal. She creates her work using technology and her powerful images are moving and full of energy.

Catch up on the programme if you haven’t seen it yet.

Lastly, I wanted to share two stunning pictures, one I took myself and one I have 'Borrowed', but thought it was too good not to. I felt so relaxed and positive seeing the beautiful early spring sunrise through the trees.

As for this picture, well, what perfect camouflage!

Take care,


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