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Understanding Social Prescribing

You may have heard the term Social Prescribing? It is a term that is becoming more and more widely used, and it refers to health care professionals providing information to patients to find support that exists within the community to improve their health and wellbeing.

To read more, including the goals of Social Prescribing and why hArt is excited to be involved, click here.

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hArt’s Progression Model towards Health and Well-Being

1) Arts on Prescription Programmes – For a client with high to medium level mental health needs to be referred onto Arts on Prescription Programme

2) Creative Wellbeing Workshops – Informal drop-in creative sessions for clients with a diverse range of mental health issues.  Clients can attend whilst awaiting referral onto an Arts on Prescription Programme or attend once this has completed or attend just because they enjoy it!

3) Peer Support Activities – For clients to be supported to create their own peer support/friendship group and access other community based activities.

hArt’s Arts on Prescription Programmes

12 week set programmes delivered for 2 hours per session either fortnightly or weekly (see below).  There is a required commitment to attend the full 12 week programme.


Clients need to be 18+ and can be referred through local GP surgeries or Hampshire Adults Social Care.  The Art Therapists sets a 12 week creative plan beginning with clients working on their own,  in pairs, towards creating a group piece, which we aim to be exhibited at the end of the 12 week programme.  These activities are designed to support the client in expressing their fears, concerns and hopes through art in a safe and supportive space.

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Arts on Prescription Programmes from April 2021

Charlotte Burleigh

Our art psychotherapists, Charlotte & Andrew

Fordingbridge - Avonway Community Centre

Art Pyschotherapist – Charlotte Burleigh

A 12 week fortnightly programme.

Dates and times to be confirmed once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


Pennington - St. Marks Church

Art Psychotherapist – Andrew Wright

To be delivered over 12 weeks.

Dates and times to be confirmed once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

WatersideDetails to be confirmed once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Creative Wellbeing Workshops

The aim of this programme is to be delivered as an on-going core programme throughout the year delivered either weekly or fortnightly as 2 hour sessions.  Delivered by local Art Facilitators who offer a range of creative activities to engage with or even for clients to bring their own creative activities to the group.  An informal drop-in group for clients with a diverse range of mental health issues. The benefits to clients would be:

  • Increased social connections

  • Increased access to creative activities

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

  • Increased resilience.

Creative Wellbeing Programmes for 2021


Fordingbridge – Avonway Community Centre – Facilitator, date and times to be confirmed.


Pennington – St. Marks Church – Facilitator, date and times to be confirmed.


Waterside – Venue, facilitator, date and times to be confirmed.


Lymington – Lymington Cricket Club – Art Facilitator – Andrew Wright

Date and times to be confirmed

Lymington hospital may 2019.jpg

Some key achievements from previous

programmes included...

Together at the Top

Our work reduces the need for medication: through liaising with local GPs and beneficiaries at pre-agreed intervals, a reduction in prescribed medication was noted amongst hArt’s target population

A GP at Fordingbridge surgery commented that one patient had reduced their GP appointments by a third since attending hArt’s Creative Wellbeing Programme.

Our work has increasing impact over time: the higher the attendance rate of

beneficiaries the less anxious they felt over time, highlighting an increasing impact after each session

“Very enjoyable and relaxing, created space for me to integrate thoughts and feelings regarding present issues.” hArt client

 “I had so much fun today and will definitely come again...’ hArt client

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