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Services for Education

Art therapy can allow a person to tackle difficult subjects such as life-changing events and traumatic experiences.

Never has it been important than now to consider the mental health needs of children and adolescents. 

Andrew Wright, an Art Psychotherapist currently working with hArt, explains the benefits of Art Therapy for children and adolescents below…

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“Children may not be able to verbally articulate their experiences, but art and play can help them make sense of it and be a window on their world to engage with them.  By engaging in interactive sensory experiences, helps children to minimise avoidance of difficult feelings and improves emotional regulation, contributing towards making them whole again.” - Andrew Wright

hArt offers a diverse range of creative therapeutic support packages which can be delivered in schools and privately to support children and adolescents to better manage their mental and emotional health.  These programmes can be delivered as face-to-face sessions (covid secure) or as on-line sessions.

Art Psychotherapy as 1-2-1 sessions - recommended as a 12 session programme

For children and adolescents, creative approaches and art making can be a more natural way for them to express themselves and to communicate, which enables them to regulate their emotions in a healthier way.

Children or Adolescent Group Art Psychotherapy – recommended as a 12 session programme

Art Therapy groups allow children to collaborate and interact with others, fostering communication and the development of social skills.

Parent and Child Psychotherapy

Art Therapy aids the development of healthy attachments to others and children and young people who have difficulty expressing themselves in words can find art therapy a particularly valuable way of communicating.

Group Creative Activity Sessions for children

To be delivered as additional lunchtime or after school activity to support mental health in children and adolescents. To reduce anxiety and encourage social interaction.

Group Creative Activity Sessions for School Staff

To be delivered as a half or full staff activity day to engage in the creative process to relieve stress, anxiety and have fun!

If you

would like to discuss

any of these programmes

further, please contact

M: 07999 492808

To better understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown on children and adolescents, please read the reports below compiled by Mental Health UK and Young Mind.

Painting Stones


“Andrew assessed, planned, and worked successfully with one of our students who had extremely difficult emotionally driven behaviours which prevented the student from engaging in both classroom learning and peer interaction.  It became apparent quickly that the art therapy work enabled our student to express the pain, confusion and distress in these sessions. He was then able to engage with his 'safe' family household and his close peers. The art therapy developed skills in our student enabling him to manage his emotions more effectively so that he could engage in learning again. A very positive piece of work spread over 12 months.  I would highly recommend this to anyone.” - Pastoral Worker

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