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Hugs, podcasts and longer evenings

A little bit late with this weekly offering! So much is happening at the moment, and I have been really enjoying the sense of things starting to open up again.

I had my second vaccination last Tuesday, which meant a drive to Southampton for me, which was almost an adventure, since the last trip there was for my first jab in February, although the weather was similar! Wind and rain with a vengeance.

However, there are encouraging signs of renewal, and the rain in making farmers happy, as they were getting a bit worried about the long dry spell, and lack of grass. That seems to have come through extremely quickly over the last week, and there will be hay to cut after all.

I have seen baby donkeys and foals out on the Forest, and there is the rich scent of gorse as the brilliant yellow takes over the landscape on the heath. Ferns are unfurling their green heart-shapes fronds and there are zingy spots of acid green among the new shoots on trees and on the ground in among the less vibrant greens and browns. I love this time of year, even the showery rain just now, as it washes things clean! I also enjoy the longer evenings, more time for walks and time to stand and stare at the landscape.

Another really seasonal sight is the stallions now running out on the Forest for the next eight weeks. Please be aware of them if you are out walking or riding – they are pretty active, can app

ear at a gallop quite unexpectedly at times. It is a fantastic sight to see, but do be careful!

I have also been involved in another podcast this week – look out for it on our website and our hArt Creative Community Facebook page when it is ready to go! Thank you to Jackie Goddard and Kevin Mann for a great conversation.

Have a good week – enjoy a hug with someone you haven’t been able to put your arms round in a while!

Stay safe as well – we’re getting there!


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