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hArt (Hampshire Art for Recreation and Therapy) exists to offer creative therapeutic and recreational activities to support mental health, wellbeing and wider social issues in people of all ages and abilities.

hArt helps to change the lives of adults and children with mental health and wider social issues. Through creative therapy and a range of professionally structured activities, we can help people feel better, build their confidence and allow their self-expression to shine through...

...hArt works with people of all ages and abilities, and can offer group programmes and workshops as well as one to one work with fully qualified Art Therapists. hArt also works with experienced teachers, artists and facilitators to offer enjoyable, social activities, bringing people together for relaxation, leisure and learning.

These Doves were created at hArt's Women's Art Exchange (WAX) project

hArt has three broad aims...

To improve mental health, well-being and wider social issues through creative therapies

To increase access to and participation in indoor/outdoor creative activities and to reduce social isolation

To improve the quality of life for individuals of all ages, abilities, gender, culture, race or background in England and Wales

hArt's values...

Our values

Kindness        Support        Respect        Communication












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Covid-19 and hArt

We are all in the middle of a very challenging situation, and hArt is very aware that people are feeling worried, and we are looking for ways to offer some help and support online. Please bear with us as we work to put these together on social media and through our website over the coming weeks or so.


Meantime, have a look at our latest news (below), including podcasts and the brilliant 'Nest' project, as well as our Facebook page (link above), where the hArt Online Community is ready to welcome you.

Please note;   we have recently moved over from a landline to an office mobile number for phone contact.   Our new number is 07999 492808


We are unable to offer telephone advice as this is not a service we can provide, but we can give contact details of other suitable services that may be able to help you in these challenging times.


We will try to respond to all messages as quickly as possible, but our new number cannot be manned fulltime, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions on staff working hours.

We hope this helps?

Stay safe and well, take care of yourself and your loved ones - 

Love from hArt


Latest hArt News

hArt would LOVE you to join our new 'Creative Community' group, on Facebook.

There's already some great things on there, including:

* Two blogs, which will sooth, inspire and motivate you to enjoy art and nature.

* An excellent video by Jackie at Atticus Arts, showing how happy childhood memories mean ANYONE can have a go at creative writing.

* Great advise from Andy Wright, Art therapist who works with hArt.

There'll be more content from us, and hopefully more content from you too!

We hope to see you there.

Click on the icon below...

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hArt supporting Children’s Mental Health Week 1-7 th February 2021

This year's theme for Children's Mental Health Week is 'Express yourself', so with that in mind, friend of hArt and owner of 'Mindscape Art Therapy', Andrew Wright, explains the benefits of art therapy for children and adolescents in a short but insighful guide. To read this, and to find out how hArt can help further with our diverse range of creative therapeutic support packages, click here.


Exciting collaborative project

hArt, along with Spud and New Forest District Council (NFDC) are proud and exited about this New Forest-based project.

Check out the video, and for more info, click here!


"I enjoyed the session so much I'm going to buy some art and craft materials to continue to create things with my children" - Workshop attendee

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