hArt Works

A Note on Confidentiality

While we are very keen to share news about our programmes, projects and workshops, we are sure that you understand that when necessary it is vital to respect the privacy of the individuals and organisations with whom we work and that we will not always be able to give detailed information.

The hArt Silverlinks Project


The Silverlinks organisation has already been helping older people to get back into the swing of things as part of a caring community. Their trained volunteers provide free home visits to discuss any specific worry or anxiety affecting their clients’ health or preventing them from enjoying life to the full.

Now, in line with hArt’s Constitutional aim of supporting older people and addressing loneliness and isolation, we are delighted to welcome Silverlinks as an official hArt project. This means that we can fundraise and grow the project to offer maximum benefit and to partner with other charities where appropriate.

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The hArt Forest Collage



During July and August 2015, hArt was delighted to be able to invite people to join us in the main entrance foyer of Lymington New Forest Hospital and get hands-on creating a colourful textile-based collage to be displayed in the hospital.

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Spirit of the Forest


In 2015, we worked with the Pondhead Conservation Trust and the New Forest National Park Authority on a programme that used the setting of the New Forest for a health and wellbeing programme.

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