The hArt Forest Collage

at Lymington New Forest Hospital

During July and August 2015, hArt was delighted to be able to invite people to join us in the main entrance foyer of Lymington New Forest Hospital and get hands-on creating a colourful textile-based collage to be displayed in the hospital.

This event was a new and innovative step in bringing Art Therapy to the public in a different and welcoming setting where relaxation and a chance to focus on a gentle distraction was the order of the day – a calm and sociable way for people to pass the time as they waited for appointments, or were on their way to and from visiting friends and relatives currently on the wards.

hArt provided a prepared background, consisting of three panels. The themes were the Forest and the Solent. A range of materials was available, and hArt volunteers were present to show how to create some brilliantly inventive and colourful ways for people to add their unique pieces to the overall work.

Participants ranged in age from two years to ninety-one! We welcomed several patients who were happy to spend some time away from the wards, and we were able to provide some welcome activity for those who were bringing in family or friends for clinic appointments, sometimes with an hour or two between two appointment times.

Many people commented on the relaxing atmosphere, were delighted to see something so original on offer in the hospital setting, and asked whether this would be a regular activity!

The collage was completed in September 2015 and is displayed in the outpatients waiting area of the hospital.

Thank you to the hospital for allowing hArt this unique and very enjoyable opportunity, and to all those who came along to add their creative work to our collage.

The wild flowers look beautiful and made a difference to our patients which is priceless. Great work. Big thank you on behalf of Lymington Hospital staff and patients : )